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The current record holder for the world’s largest disco ball measures 33.89 ft. in diameter, and was unveiled at the Bestival Music Festival on the Isle of Wight, England on September 27, 2014. It is the vision of the World’s Largest Disco Ball, Y’all project to construct a disco ball right here in Louisville, Kentucky that will break the current world record and bring this title to the United States.

A committee of friends, including builders, attorneys, fundraisers, IT experts and small business owners, have been meeting regularly since September 2014 to finalize what we feel are the first steps in taking on such an audacious project. To that end, we are proud to present to you Kentucky’s Largest Disco Ball, measuring 11 ft. in diameter, which will act as a small-scale prototype and assist in broadening the community’s engagement.

"We are proud to present to you: Kentucky's Largest Disco Ball"

Louisville’s Very own:

Omega National

It was the early 1950’s when they first started hand-making disco balls. As the fad grew in popularity following the height of the disco craze during the 1970’s, Louisville based, Omega soon produced 90% of U.S Made Disco Balls turning out an average of 20,000 disco balls a month.  Production has since slowed, but we are planning for a comeback

Louisville is...

In addition to the Omega National story, Louisville is home to many great titles, records and first’s. Over the decades, the community has worked hard to Keep Louisville Weird with a unique culture you can’t experience in any other city! The Mission of the WLDBY is to continue this tradition by bringing The Guinness Record for The World’s Largest Disco Ball to the city. Once Fundraising Goals are reached, the WLDBY will sit alongside some of the following Greats:

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How big is the prototype discoball?

11 ft. in diameter and weighs 2,300 lbs, features nearly 1000 mirrors, constructed from extruded aluminum with a mylar reflective surface, took 20 designs and 400 man hours to complete.

are my tax dollars going to this?

No, all private funds. 

How can i rent the disco ball for my next event?

Please contact johntlaunius@gmail.com for all rental inquiries.

when will the world's largest discoball be done & where will it be located?

The group is actively raising funds and awareness for the effort and is exploring various project partners.

how can i support?

Purchase a shirt or gear, sell shirts, sign up for our email and/or come to our next event. 

disco ball mania

Fellow Ballers

On September 17, 2014, the current record was set at 10.33 meters in diameter (nearly 33 feet). It was unveiled at the Bestival fest in the UK. The disco ball served as the climax of the weekend and wow’d guests with its rotation.

This mirrored disco ball measures 9.98 m (32 ft 9 in) in diameter, and was made by BSG Luxury Group for Bacardi Russia. The disco ball was displayed on the 58th floor of the Imperia Tower in Moscow at the ‘Casa Bacardi, Larger Than Life’ party in Moscow, Russia on April 26, 2012.

French artist Michel de Broin created a huge disco-ball in January, 2010. Using a 7.5 meter disco-ball, featuring 1,000 mirror pieces, the artist lit up Paris on a winter night. He did so by hanging the giant disco-ball 50 meters up, using a giant crane, and projecting light onto it.

The Great Promenade Show is a permanent outdoor linear public art gallery – ten permanent installations over two kilometres, commissioned and curated between 2000 and 2003 by a small team of north-western artists.The giant mirror ball on the promenade of Blackpool’s South Shore is illuminated at night with a color changing light show.